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To Download CODESUBS:
Click on the link to the right, to start the Download process. After the Download has completed, simply click on the 'Return To Main Web Page' link below to get back to the Beginning. To open and run the software, read the information below.
Click on this Link to Download the software zip file:

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The downloaded file, named CODESUBS.zip, will normally go into the folder that downloads usually are found, on your system. For example, on my Windows Computer, it shows up on the Desktop Screen. On my Android Phone, it goes to the 'DOWNLOAD' Folder. Check your Systems Manual for where your downloads are found. Once payment is made, you are redirected to this Download Page. When clicked on, the link above will enable the Download of the CODESUBS zip file. Once downloaded, unzip the file (using zip/unzip software) and follow the instructions in the Main Directory for installation. Its that simple! Then enjoy learning from the CODESUBS System.

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